Go Holly! Congrats on your first Olympic race!

Earlier today at Olympic Winter Park in Whistler, Holly Brooks placed 42nd among 78 skiers in the women’s 10-kilometer freestyle. She was the third of four American finishers. 

Rank Bib Country Name Start Time Most Recent Finish Time Time Behind

42 50 United States BROOKS Holly 10:25:00 Finish 42 27:17.6 +2:19.2

My sister even caught the event LIVE on TV, I’m so jealous! Hopefully I’ll see Holly on Wednesday, February 17th, in the Classic sprint or on Friday, February 19th, in the 15k Pursuit (1/2 classic, 1/2 skate + transition time)! Holly’s also regularly updating her blog, check it out: http://hollyskis.blogspot.

com/ I’m so psyched I know an Olympian!!

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