My 26th year….in 26 pictures

My 26th birthday! Valentine’s beach walk at Golden Gardens!

My sister-in-law, Mirka, dancing on Valentine’s night! Janie and Me at Gasworks!Hiking with Mr. F on the Olympic Peninsula!  We stayed in Forks for his birthday.80’s Bachelorette Party in March! Beach walks in Magnolia! Yes, he has Crazy Creeks strapped to his backpack! Mr. F and I visited his cousin, Brian in Chicago, in May! Kappa bridal shower at the end of May!  In Walla Walla for a June wedding… and wine tasting!July 4th with Janelle!!Port Townsend for our first wedding anniversary! Colleen visits Seattle from Boulder! Visiting Vancouver and seeing Steph!Visiting Walla Walla again to go wine tasting with Beav and Janelle!Julia’s bachelorette party and wedding!  November, in Boston for a conference! It’s a Rock Band Christmas!Hawaiian New Year’s! Hiking to Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend in January!

One thought on “My 26th year….in 26 pictures

  1. Teresa

    How much fun!!!
    Is today your birthday Miss Emily?
    Wow! You’re a Valentine’s girl!
    What fun pictures!!
    How did you like staying in Forks?
    How often do you go hiking in the Olympics?
    Favorite trail?
    Happy Happy Birthday Emily!


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