Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I just won a cool Valentine’s giveaway hosted by Miss Kriss and Benign Objects
These lovely cards are printable!

These lovely rose pins can be found on EmersonMade! There are man flowers, called Dandies too!

 Aren’t the Emersons the cutest?
Here’s a freebie Valentine’s option too!

All these Valentine’s gifts are making me giddy….just like this little girl with the penguin!
photo from imagespark via WishFillment

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Ideas

  1. Katie

    i’m SO glad you won! if it couldn’t have been me, i’m glad it was one of my bloggy friends!

    PS – is it bad i want the duck that guy is holding even MORE than the cute pin!?!? and LOVE the penguin and little girl pic!!!


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