Seattle Sunset at Shilshole

Last night, Mr. F whisked me off to Shilshole Bay for a sunset dinner after work! We stopped quickly at Paseo for delicious grilled pork sandwiches and then crossed the street to the water. We sat at the beach, next to where we got married a year and a half ago! There were some pesky Mallards that wanted our dinner. The female duck even tried to jump and grab the end of our sandwiches while we were eating!
This was our view while eating our dinner!We also took our wedding pictures on this beach on August 2nd, 2008! Our fabulous wedding photographer, Erin Schedler, caught so many fun candid photos that I just have to share some more!!My sisters were so beautiful in their bridesmaid dresses!This was the amazing sunset on our wedding night! Ballard is a beautiful place to get married and to watch sunsets from!

One thought on “Seattle Sunset at Shilshole

  1. Mrs. Bear

    Love the gorgeous photos… and OMG you were a hottttt bride! You look like Mila Kunis (sp?) from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Sheesh I am jealous!

    P.S. I love ducks…


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