dreaming of spring…

dreaming of spring…
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Mr. F and I went for a five mile run along the bluffs of Magnolia today. It was the perfect weather for running. It was approximately 55 degrees out but with the sun, it felt like 60! It’s hard to believe that it’s February in Seattle when it’s so pleasant out. The mountains looked majestic on the East and West horizons. It was even clear enough to see all of Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula. We also saw several crocuses blooming and a few cherry trees already budding too! I hope this gorgeous weather holds because it’s lovely to run in!!!

After our run, I was really winded and tired, (I’m still not used to running hills!) As a treat, we went to lunch at Maggie’s Bluffs, which is a darling grill in the Elliott Bay Marina, below the fancy Palisades restaurant. I had yummy garlic fries and a crab and artichoke sandwich. It was a delicious recovery meal!

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself after a tough workout?

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