Classy Cool Cupcakes

Wow, check out these Tiffany & Co inspired cupcakes made for a very special Birthday! This birthday theme must have been, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” To see more of these elegant cupcakes, there’s a Flickr set and the company website,!

If you could design any kind of cupcake, what would it look like?
 This cheerio-encrusted Glee cupcake pretty much sums it up for me!  This kitty cupcake photo reminds me of Lily Thomas too! And these Totoro cupcakes look like Lulu!

2 thoughts on “Classy Cool Cupcakes

  1. Katie

    LOVE these cupcakes! And teal (and Tiffany, lets be honest) is my absolute FAVORITE!!! This sounds like an EXCELLENT idea for breakfast … 🙂

    I would most definately make mine look JUST like the Tiffany ones!

  2. Sarah

    Not sure what I would want my cupcakes to look like…but as long as they were chocolate, it wouldn’t matter to me!
    By the way, I’m just noticing your GEORGOUS cats on the sidebar–I absolutely love them..they look so cuddly and fluffy!


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