Saints and Valentine’s Love

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? We’re considering going out to a nice dinner with wine pairing, but we haven’t decided yet. I’m certainly getting inspired by all the fun and festive cupcakes advertisements!!

Mr. F and I ran 4 miles tonight, with 7 aerobic intervals (basically where you get your heart rate up for a minute 7 times). I am tired. Fortunately, I’m now relaxing on the couch with Lily Thomas on my lap. 

Penguins Are Forever by peanutkick

I had never seen Boondocks Saints so we watched the awesome MacManus fraternal twins, played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, kill bad guys in Boston. If you’re not aware of the plot, the twins receive a message from God, “For immunity of god make he the man. Destroy all that which is evil.” As they take down the mafia in Boston, they are pursued by FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker, played by the awesome Willem Dafoe. I really enjoyed seeing the Fairmont Copley Plaza again! This is could easily be one of my favorite action movies! What are some of your favorites?

 [If you want to read more about this movie, check out Action Flick Chick’s blog!] 

2 thoughts on “Saints and Valentine’s Love

  1. Mrs. Bear

    For Valentine’s Day I think we are staying in and making homemade pizzas, drinking wine, and listening to some Frank Sinatra – we do it every Valentine’s Day! We usually go out to dinner but I told B that I think we should get each other sentimental gifts this year and then have our favorite meal (my pizza) inside in our pjs. =0)

    Boondocks Saints is such a great movie!!! My favorite movies are all silly – Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Old School… haha.

  2. Action Flick Chick

    This truly is a cult film in the original sense of the term. I love the movie, my brother loves the movie enough to have Saints tattoos all over his hands and back, and I’ve met such a legion of people who absolutely adore this film.


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