Soggy Saturday

[ART by Brittney Lee]
It’s been drizzling all day, but we still got a good run in. While our car was getting an oil change, we ran from old Ballard to Shilshole Bay Marina. Mr. F and I also stopped in KAVU because all their winter merchandise is on sale! KAVU ClothingWe’re going to run a few more errands and maybe even see a movie tonight. 
What do you do on rainy days?

One thought on “Soggy Saturday

  1. Teresa

    Well one thing I wish I was doing was snuggling up with Lily Thomas and Lyra! Are they sibblings? What kind of kitties are they? Well the drizzle continued here on Bainbridge most of the day!
    Doogan kept waiting for the sound of his harness and leash…and the smell of walking clothes…and jackets! Finally we made ourselves take our marathon Saturday walk/hike. We went to Fort Ward…lots of good inclines. Had the park to ourselves aside from some die hard bikers…runners and dog walkers! The drizzle continued the entire walk! The highlight was walking to the end of the pier…at the Salmon Farm…and talking one of the fishermen into feed the HUGE California Sea Lions right off the pier. What a show. I had my video camera with me and got the most incredible shots! They were popping out of the water…diving for the huge fish…swallowing them whole…they were so frisky and happy! Oh what a show! Doogan loves the seals almost as much as he loves bunnies!
    Glad you got to take a good walk too!
    Oh I do love the Northwest!
    So delighted we are getting to know each other Emily!


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