Blooming on Bainbridge and What is a Farm Chick?

Tomorrow is Friday!!! Who’s ready for it?!?! I’m training a new employee at work, which is mentally draining, but worthwhile. Also, I am amazed that the first week of half marathon training isn’t too difficult! Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was a two mile run with 7 aerobic intervals (running as fast as you can for one minute). Yesterday, we did strength training at the gym with biceps, triceps, back, calf and thigh exercises. Directly after work today, we ran 4 miles with gentle pickups (see the Runner’s World explanation and table). I am so impressed that I’ve nearly complete the first week of training without complaining! Saturday, I’m suppose to run 3-4 miles and Sunday, I should run 6-7! Wowee, I used to hate running! 

Thank you, Janelle for inspiring me and asking me to sign up for the Rock n’ Roll marathon with you!! 
By the way, Blooming on Bainbridge’s second day of Pink Week Giveaway is today! 

I’m excited to discover this new site from the giveaway too!!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!