I miss my sisters…

My two lovely younger sisters are pursuing their nursing careers at opposite ends of Washington State. I currently see them around Christmas and for a few weekends in the summer. Fortunately, my middle sister graduates this Spring! Yay, hopefully this means I will see her more often. Taters will graduate next year and then she can move to this side of the mountains. Here are some of my favorite pictures of my sisters!!!

3 thoughts on “I miss my sisters…

  1. Teresa

    Oh that sweet sissy love…nothing like it!
    Consider yourself lucky sweetie…
    my BFF…my sister Melony…is 2600 miles away in Alabama!
    She and her family are coming for their first visit in March!

  2. Katie

    Aww, you and your sisters are beautiful – and I just noticed your kitties (how did I miss this before?) they are UH-DORABLE!!!

    PS I also just noticed my button, thanks for showing me some love huney!!!


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