OMG, a half marathon!!

I’ve just committed to run a half marathon. I am the girl who hated running and avoided it until the last few months. My husband has encouraged me to start running and now my girlfriend from Iowa just suggested we join her for half marathon in June! 

Do you, lovely readers, have any training suggestions? I’m very curious to know more about running schedules for 5 months before the race. I’ve currently worked up to running 3-4 miles several times a week. I’m looking up several half marathon schedules online for suggestions, for example:

Beginners’ Half-Marathon Training Schedule (from
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Rest 2 mi Rest 2.5 mi Rest 3 mi 2 mi EZ
2 Rest 2 miles Rest 3 mi CT or Rest 4 mi 2.5 mi EZ
3 Rest 2.5 mi CT 3 mi Rest 5 mi 2 mi EZ
4 Rest 3 mi CT 4 mi Rest 6 mi 3 mi EZ
5 Rest 3 mi CT 3 mi Rest 7 mi 3 mi EZ
6 Rest 4 mi CT 4 mi Rest 8 mi 3 mi EZ
7 Rest 4 mi Rest 4 mi CT 9 mi 3 mi EZ
8 Rest 4 mi CT 3 mi Rest 10 mi 3 mi EZ
9 Rest 5 mi CT 4 mi Rest 11 mi Rest
10 3 mi EZ 4 mi Rest 3 mi CT 12 mi 3 mi EZ
11 Rest CT Rest 3 mi CT 5 mi 2.5 mi EZ
12 Rest 2 mi 20 minutes Rest 20 minutes Race Day! Rest Day!
Please feel free to give me any tips or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “OMG, a half marathon!!

  1. for the love

    Shoot – I’m impressed. I’ve just started running and the thought of a 5k still scares me! Obvs, I have no training tips for you, but I wish you lots of luck in the process! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. Katie

    you can do it! i did my first one back in dec and it was SUCH a feeling of accomplishment! my mister and i trained together – we did the nike plus online training. you buy a chip that goes in your shoes and it plugs into you ipod and keeps up with your running. i’d definately look into it! way to go girl!!!


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