Looking for ideas for birthday and Valentine’s Day Cupcakes!

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I love the month of February! It’s my husband’s and my birthday month, as well as my Mom’s and two of my best guy friends birthday too.

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day traditions? I’m thinking that Valentine’s cupcakes might be a good one to start.

One thought on “Looking for ideas for birthday and Valentine’s Day Cupcakes!

  1. Mrs. Bear

    When I met my now husband he told me he hated Valentines Day… since then he has always made it a point to make our Valentines Day something special(dinner, drinks, flowers, etc) but it has always been what everyone else does. Now that this is our first V-day as a married couple – I think we need to start a new tradition…SO I am going to see what other bloggers say is their tradition and hope to find some inspiration haha.


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