Great book and tv show suggestion!

I just finished reading “Wizard’s First Rule” this evening. It’s the first enchanting tale of the Sword of Truth series. If you like Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, King Arthur and Robin Hood, or Joan of Arc, you will enjoy these grown up fairy tales by Terry Goodkind.

It’s also a really entertaining and addicting TV show. The first season is very true to the first book, although perhaps with a few less special effects. I haven’t seen many episodes of the second season yet, but it’s suppose to be to be based on the second and third books! I highly recommend reading and watching these delightful adventures! [Source: Legend of the Seeker Fan page on Facebook]

2 thoughts on “Great book and tv show suggestion!

  1. Courtney

    I LOVE that book and the TV show! OMG! I haven’t started the second season yet either, but I finally picked up the second book while I was back in the States! I did a review of the first one on my blog a while back and I just LOVE it!

  2. Katie

    OMG are you a total Lord of the Rings type nerd like me!?!? I LOVE all things like that (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, shoot even Star Wars – LOVE IT!) I may just HAVE to check it out 😉


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