Daily Archives: December 13, 2009

Hope to see whales in Maui!!!

breaching whale 4
Originally uploaded by Dale Bubba

After reading Fluke by Christopher Moore a few years ago, I’ve been really curious about seeing Humpback whales in Maui. I’m looking forward to staying near Lahaina where the whales presumably stay during the winter too! [According to www.whalewatchmaui.com, the Humpbacks come to Maui because of the warmer water temperatures, the more shallow and protected waters, and the lack of predators. These are ideal conditions to have calves in.]

Cherry-Filled Almond Cupcakes by Love and Olive Oil

The adorable and delicious looking blog, “Love and Olive Oil“, was introduced to me through “Cupcakes Take the Cake“. There is currently an amazing recipe for Cherry-Filled Almond Cupcakes showcased with cute photos that I just HAD to share!

Please check out their blog for more delicious photos and the recipe! There are also several other great cupcake recipes like the Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Maple Spice Buttercream and the to-die-for-looking Dark Chocolate Creme de Menthe Cupcakes!
I’m also very curious about the Tequila Sunrise cupcakes! I wish Love and Olive Oil had a bakery in Seattle!!
Have a wonderful Saturday night!