Alyson Jones Studios and Jewelry

A friend from work told me about this beautiful wooden jewelry website today. Check out my new favorite Etsy shop by Alyson Jones!
It’s currently drizzling in Seattle tonight. How perfect are these earrings? I think I just bought the last pair of these “Ode to Seattle” hand painted wooden earrings, because they’re all sold out now!

I guess it’s as they say ‘Early Bird Gets the Worm‘! Aren’t these birds adorable?

The artist writes, “I’ve been working with acrylics for over 12 years and recently decided to merge my painting passion with my childhood love for jewelry making! All wooden jewelry is hand-painted with acrylics and ink. The products are finished with an un-yellowing clear coat varnish.”

These Tree Love, Hand Painted Wooden Earrings by Alyson C. James are so sweet and lovely too.

This talented Seattle artist, not only makes charming hand painted wooden earrings, but she currently has several pieces of art on display through November, at the Art On The Ridge Gallery on Phinney Ridge (Greenwood Avenue). You can also view her acrylic paintings available for purchase at!

I love finding local artists. What local talent do you follow?

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