The Boston Public Library is a must see when in Boston!!!

The Boston Public Library was the best lunch break, I could have possibly imagined. I had 45 minutes to spare on Friday, so I wandered around Copley Plaza in Boston to the majestic library across the square.

The striking architecture and the statutes representing Art and Science took my breath away.

Walking into the building, the first thing I noticed were the stunning images on the doors, and then I became mesmerized by the yellow Siena marble.

Wikipedia says, ‘When it opened in 1895, the new Boston Public Library was proclaimed a “palace for the people”.’ I had just enough time to visit Edwin Austin Abbey‘s most famous work, a series of murals which depict the Grail legend

and paintings of the Muses by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I really enjoyed the THE MUSES OF INSPIRATION HAIL THE SPIRIT, THE HARBINGER OF LIGHT”! They remind me of ethereal beings, or fairies.

The twin lions on the stairwell were so regal and exciting! Unfortunately I ran out of time and I did not make it up to the third floor for the “Triumph of Religion” murals by the great American painter John Singer Sargent. I plan to do that on my NEXT trip to Boston, which will hopefully be soon!

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