Trip to Boston

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m in Boston for a conference through the end of the week! The plane ride was picturesque.

This is flying over Seattle.

The gorgeous Cascades were prominently on display, as we flew over Central Washington!
Lake Michigan was even apparent from the air

although Lake Ontario was a little shrouded by clouds.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out of the hotel for a quick tour, at least around Copley Plaza!

[Image from Flickr]
Although the Fairmont is gorgeous, ornate

and has such historic appeal. Apparently Lena Horne has sang here. According to Wikipedia, “The Copley Plaza Hotel has been host to many famous people. Every U.S. President since William Howard Taft, and royalty from Greece, Thailand,Abyssinia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Belgium, Denmark, and the United Kingdom have visited the hotel. Celebrities including Tony Bennett, Lena Horne,Dorothy Lewis, Frank Sinatra, and Luciano Pavarotti have also been guests, and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton chose the Copley Plaza for their second honeymoon.”

I can see why the Disney show, “the Suite Life” is based on this hotel and sometimes filmed here!

Any recommendations for quick tours around the Copley Plaza area? I saw several beautiful churches, like St. Trinity’s from the taxi.

3 thoughts on “Trip to Boston

  1. Kate

    some things to do w/in walking distance or short ride on the green line T:

    isabella stewart gardner museum
    museum of fine arts
    mapparium at the mary baker eddy library (christian science center)
    trinity church
    newbury street (shopping/dining)
    duck boat tours (huntington ave or the pru, right near copley plaza)

    have fun!

  2. Emily

    Thank you both! I’ll have to post my pictures of the Trinity and the Old South Churches soon. I also went to the magnificent Boston Public Library too. Wow. It was stunning!


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