Brittney Lee Art!

[Art by Brittney Lee]

I recently discovered Brittney Lee’s art on Etsy and I’m totally enamored with her style! She’s a very talented designer and animator who “loves drawing and chocolate”. To my untrained eye, her artwork reminds me of Disney movies like Hercules and Tarzen, but even more fun and sweet! I just love this Birdie Ballerina! She reminds me of Sleeping Beauty in the forest with the birds!
Yesterday I posted a print also by Brittney Lee of two dancers titled, “Out on the Town“, in honor of my parents anniversary. I hope Brittney doesn’t mind if I post more of her artwork, I’m totally in love with all of her prints, bookmarks, sketches and paper sculpts.
Check out Brittney Lee’s Etsy site and her blog for more amazing artwork!

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