Giddy childhood favorites

“What little things made you inexplicably giddy as a kid?

[Inspiration from Sweet Child of Mine by Emily (]

1. Playing in the rain

[Picture from Photo Bucket]
I used to play in the rain and then put my hair in curlers to pretend to be Shirley Temple!
[Image from Google Images]

2. Making Fairy Huts out of tall grass and wildflowers

3. Reading Nancy Drew

In particular, I remember getting the flu as a child and reading the Mysterious Mannequin. The thrill of the mystery was perfect for distracting me from my illness!

(I also love all the cover illustrations from the Nancy Drew series.)

4. Riding my pony, Rainbow really fast and not falling off when she bucked…

5. Dressing Up with my sisters
This is us dressed like Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters at the Stanwood Fair Parade!

6. Sailing!

7. Going to Hawaii and snorkeling!
My parents taught us all to snorkel at a young age. This is a picture of us in Oahu making a sand cake for my mom’s birthday.
8. Pretending to be Princess Daylight.
This is a classic fairy princess story based on Sleeping Beauty. I used to tie ribbons to sticks and dance around just like Little Daylight.

Every little girl should read this story!

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