Italian musings

Ciao Bella!

(Picture from the Sartorialist)
I came upon this picture and it instantly reminded me of my summer abroad in Perugia, Italy. I took ballet classes for six weeks from my college ballet instructor in a small studio through the Umbra Institute. The woman on the bike actually looks like my ballet teacher, Ida. They are both classically gorgeous with demure smile.

Perugia is a picturesque medieval hilltop city with windy cobblestone streets and fantastic food. Some of my most favorite foods were the Baci chocolates
and all the amazing gelato. Apparently the Italian School of Gelato is headquartered in Perugia!
I also really enjoyed taking a scooter tour around the city and to Lake Trasimeno. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend it! The fields of sunflowers are phenomenal!

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