What’s your favorite chocolate cupcake?

(Image and recipe at Simply Sweet Bake Shop!)
Did you know it was National Chocolate Cupcake Day today?! I didn’t remember until 9 tonight!

(Images From Chotda on Flickr)

Trophy Cupcakes
has Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Graham Cracker, Chocolate Chip Mint, and Chocolate Stout, made with Hale’s Cream Stout!!!

(Image from Trophy Cupcake’s twitter page)

Cupcake Royale has the infamous and the ! My personal favorite is the ! There are many other chocolate options at Cupcake Royale too!

Try one immediately!!

What’s your favorite chocolate cupcake?

Just FYI, the actual national cupcake day is December 15th! According to the the Cupcakes Take The Cake blog!

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