Daily Archives: October 3, 2009

Harbinger wines

We opened this rhubarb smelling rose tonight and it became, yet another reason, why I love this winery! This rose is fruit forward and a little tart. My husband describes the nose as rhubarb, nutmeg and cinnamon. As Harbinger puts it, “reminds us all why rose is the #1 selling wine in France.”

Harbinger wines are fresh, unique, and delicious (plus the story behind the winery is fascinating!) The tasting room at Harbinger is one of my favorites in Washington. It’s in a converted logging truck shop with galvanized metal siding with kayaks on one wall and comfy chairs made out of wine barrels. The space is wide open with neat wooden beams. And all the wines are great to try! Some of my most favorites are their dessert wines.
This is nearly the most amazing dessert wine I’ve ever had. We’re members of the wine club and for their annual wine club barbecue they had ribs with Blackberry Bliss sauce. Blackberry liqueur flavored, finger licking goodness.

The best dessert wine I’ve EVER had is Harbinger’s Raspberry Bliss. It tastes like liquid raspberries, slightly sweet yet a tad tart. I was first introduced to it with a piece of Theo’s dark chocolate. Together they were absolutely divine.

I would describe this wine as plum delicious-ness, with a little bit of leather on the nose. The Harbinger 2006 El Jefe is a ‘Traditional Rhone-style Red blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre.” It’s not your average red table wine.
Driving out to Port Angeles is a beautiful and fun in any season. If you’re ever on the Olympic Peninsula, stop at Harbinger Winery!