A few favorite pictures from our Vamoose to Vancouver

Last weekend, we had a quick yet relaxing trip to Vancouver. The occasion was for my husband’s work retreat and we got to stay Four Seasons! This is the view of downtown from our pretty hotel room!

The first day we went down to Gastown and down to the water where the cruise ships dock. It was the perfect weekend for walking around the town.
(Neat steam powered clock in Gastown!)
(Cool statue where the cruise ships dock.)
Wandering around Chinatown we saw this neat abacus statue.
We also saw a cute cat outside of a dim sum restaurant. But then my husband got stared down by a neo-Nazi, so we got lunch in the Robson neighborhood instead.
Our friend from college took us to Stanley Park, later that weekend. We started at Prospect Point overlooking North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Suspension Bridge. It’s such a gorgeous lookout that several bridal parties were there too for pictures.

We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see much of the nightlife because the work retreat events were centered around dinner.
Here’s an example of the gorgeous orchid table decorations at my husband’s work retreat!

Overall, it was refreshing to see a similar climate and city to Seattle with an even more international flair. All our waiters had accents and everyone seemed to have more a European style. Vancouver is a great town and I hope we can spend more time there again soon!

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