It’s raining, it’s pouring…It’s National Read A Book Day!

Did you know today, September 6th is National Read a Book Day? It’s wonderful coincidence since the weather, at least in Seattle, is pretty dismal. (This is not to be confused with Drop Everything And Read Day, or D.E.A.R., which is April 12th! I read there’s also a National Comic Book Day coming up soon on September 25th! March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the annual Read Across America event too.)

I love the rain especially listening to it on the roof, but it’s been very wet outside. We had a yummy Puerto Rican breakfast at the 5 Spot on Queen Anne and just got soaked. I’m not sure we’ll be as enthusiastic to go wine tasting this afternoon if it’s still pouring. (I could be tempted to go back for the Chupacabra Crab Cakes at the 5 Spot though…) I think it’s the perfect Sunday for reading in a comfy chair. I’m thoroughly addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series and am about to crack open the fourth charmer, “Dead to the World“. The title is pretty fitting considering the weather outside!

My cousin gets into town this evening, so perhaps I’ll be persuaded to try Owen Roe’s second wine label, Corvidae at Portalis or maybe try the cupcake of the month flavor at Cupcake Royale. I saw online that it’s Blue Mountain Huckleberry!! Holy cow that sounds amazing!

Sookie Stackhouse is calling me away! You should open a book too!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!