A Few Favorite Cream Colored Ponies

The Norwegian Fjord is the ultimate cream colored pony with a hint of black in its mane and on its nose. Originally from Norway, it is said the Vikings used their small and sturdy size for mountainous regions and heavy work, like farming. They are very pretty and sweet horses, known for their mild temperament. They are usually pony sized (under 14.2 hands, or 58 inches (150 cm)) but are considered horses due to their breed registry. We recently saw them at the Norwegian Festival Parade in Ballard!
Mark Harvey took some very glamorous shots of Norwegian Fjords ponies.

Shetland ponies come in many colors, but some are cream colored or light tan. Shetlands are a maximum of 46 inches tall! They are also know for their sturdiness, traditionally used in coal mining particularly in their native England. Growing up, our neighbors had over a dozen cart trained Shetland ponies. My sisters and I all learned how to ride on a gentle Shetland pony named Sugar.
This is me learning how to drive a cart with Sugar, the pony!

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