Very cool science websites…almost art!

I love searching the Internet, especially with the StumbleUpon button. I always seem to find the neatest sites. Here are a few of my favorite science websites.

Infrared Zoo Gallery from Cal Tech is my newest Stumble.
They compare mammals, amphibians, birds and other animals with infrared thermal light. Check out the difference between warm and cold blooded animals.
I particularly enjoyed the infrared pony! Although, it’s interesting that they choose to differentiate between an infrared pony and an infrared horse.

Check out the paw prints left by the cat!

Here are some non-mammal examples:
A swan has much thinner feathers on its neck and face than on the rest of its body allowing more heat loss from these areas. The swans beak also glows brightly in the infrared. Notice how bright the swan’s neck and face are compared to the heavily feathered part of its body – even though much of the swan’s body is above water and in the sunlight. Being warm-blooded, swans try to maintain a constant body temperature.”

The turtle is yellow/warm from basking in the sun!

Also because it’s almost lunchtime, I thought I’d include my ultimate favorite science artwork, cellular mitosis modeled by Krispy Kremes!
Cellular Mitosis (krispy kreme), 2005, series of 6 c-prints, each 16 x 20 by Kevin Van Aelst

I also really appreciated the gummy bear periodic table.
Periodic Table of the Elements, 2005, c-print, 20 x 24

by Kevin Van Aelst.

Has anyone else seen any artistic and scientific websites that they’d like to share?

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