This time last week….

11856383_10101424934965960_1061795646477786599_o This time last week, my sisters, cousins, and my sister’s maid of honor made the time-honored, bachelorette tradition of obtaining Voodoo donuts.11916082_747508674942_3500886529578524806_n11825103_747508784722_7287296732739314768_n We waited in line for about 45 minutes Sunday morning for 2 dozen donuts. It was worth it, and we ate nearly a dozen 11891050_747508694902_1215800600854705334_n on the 6 hour drive home to Seattle. We nicknamed our 11057240_747508824642_5180266772406655636_n SUV, Channing Tatum and you can see it in the background with our donuts! On the way back to Seattle, we noted the terrible traffic on I-5 so we drove through Morton towards Mount Rainer for the scenic tour and took small highways all the way to Seattle.11889698_747550765592_7383175769830044303_n It was a great way to catch up on the way home! image After dropping off Channing, we met Mr. F and my parents for dinner and gave them some of the donuts. Apparently our eyes were bigger than our stomaches, or perhaps our sweet tooths!

I can’t believe my sister’s getting married in less than a month!!!!!

On the second day of KT’s bachelorette party

11891216_747499348632_4674674218877482620_n We didn’t party too hard Friday night but we did stay up late watching Magic Mike XXL, eating a lot of candy, and drinking cider. On Saturday morning, we went 11880437_747499308712_8379754591931721884_n to the Portland Saturday Market. image I loved that they had my favorite komucha brand on tap. My sister loved the bubble tea and 11898925_747359528832_1886387400552410831_nwe all loved the hand-painted signs. 11900038_747359543802_4840532845141202355_n (Since we really were like a small girly gang with our matching t-shirts!) Janie loved the flowers too. 11217164_747376045732_2240391048039450269_n After the market, we all went to get ice cream and the awesome Salt & Straw.  11880658_747377368082_6733373913837336897_n They had 5 phenomenal vegetable flavors image  including fennel & maple which I enjoyed with strawberry rhubarb pie. While my sister loved snickernoodle11896014_748287144882_6129733747194606224_n and someone else had the amazing carrot cake too. image I love my sisters and cousins! Our ice cream was perfect for the hot 80 degree day and shopping in the Pearl District! 11222466_747499667992_8753319076577294030_n For dinner, we went to the brilliant Andina image and all the supporting ladies wore black while the bride to be wore white! image The drinks were festive and Peruvian. 11863286_747395237272_5288413181235080704_n   11891185_747484149092_1898071248982446042_nThe scallops were also succulent. 11887986_747484159072_4729010383927760872_n I loved my grass fed lamb chops 11889548_747484194002_5546693274814192742_n and playing around with my cousin, Kiki. image Plus the desserts were out of this world!11896011_747499588152_2020092892256893206_nWe also got several great group photos after dinner too. image 11899875_747484318752_6561602959206251320_nOn our way back to the car, we were taking photos 11895986_747484398592_8481412500513341698_n and a bachelor party walked up behind the bride!  11905785_747484418552_2413333372731939755_n It was perfect timing! We had a wonderful night dancing to the Weeknd Song “Earned It” and to 90s music at Lola’s 11887898_747508011272_7120813460353994582_n where we knew all the words to the songs. It was so hilarious to sing along to Britney Spears, Hanson and Chumbawamba. We stopped by a few food trucks on the way home and fell asleep watching the original Magic Mike!


The first day of my sister’s bachelorette party in Portland!!!

On Friday, my sisters and I rented a SUV with our cousins to drive from Seattle to Portland!11834728_747253032252_129972739910772281_oWe had a fun time in the rainstorms and traffic, singing to awesome songs like Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor. We picked up the maid of honor in Kelso before meeting a few more ladies in Portland at our hotel. imageimage We loved staying at the Residence Inn Riverplace because we could walk everywhereimage and have a kitchenette for making snacks throughout the weekend. (Nachos with Mr. F’s salsa were the perfect touch in the middle of the night!) 11221759_747279439332_1252008766185228510_n On Friday night, we walked to Departure for drinks and dinner. image It was highly recommended on Open Table, Trip Advisor and friends. It did not disappoint! We had fun taking fabulous photos too. image We loved the views from the bar too. image11229765_747279534142_1350628237457176806_n 11891189_747279474262_7631132234955063796_nI love getting pictures with my sisters and cousins! image The fancy dim sum was fantastic 11214302_747359199492_5457748993582787933_n and our waiter was pretty cute. It was the perfect prep for Magic Mike. 11892331_747294778592_1800211526152559379_o We also got to meet the chef, Top Chef, finalist Gregory Gourdet! We savored his scallops and the short rib steamed buns.


After dinner, we grabbed a quick drink 11905747_747359284322_8152185821703012166_n and wandered through Target, 11889524_747499583162_9196759286629664399_n  while waiting for the late viewing of Magic Mike XXL at the Living Room Theaters. It was an awesome first night of the bachelorette weekend.

We saw Taylor Swift in concert and it was AWESOME!

This was us all last week in anticipation of the Taylor Swift concert!11825010_10152928108801020_6330830291317562563_nI got to go with the most terrific group of ladies too! 11813435_10153515902980011_3483888713661305151_nMy sisters and two girlfriends went to the Taylor Swift on Saturday and it was sooo amazingly fabulous. Before the concert, we met at Bar Sajor in Pioneer Square for dinner. 11855638_10102965251214618_4019457092161404463_n Initially, Mr. F was our photographer but he didn’t stay for the concert. There were girls and women dressed like Taylor Swift11825015_10101414778843910_4332583493673753949_n all over Pioneer Square, some had t-shirts,or red lipstick,11049581_10102965250341368_714912254623637885_nor even tutus and signs with lights!11855885_746425790052_763669888694239905_n Tay Tay did not disappoint with her elevating and rotating stage, piano playing, guitar rocking and light show.11825082_746425750132_5219851439908268351_nThe entire show was highly entertaining even if we were some of the oldest people there! We may have been the age of most of the moms there! 11836632_746425844942_5906628668813608195_n  After the show, we walked to Pike Place to catch an uber! Yay for lots of fun music, dancing and walking through touristy locations when all the crowds are gone!  11888611_746880548712_7744619506843018487_o It was a wonderful weekend and great way to finish off a week of vacation!

Happy Anniversary to the Fettbots

I’m back on the blog and in the city. Mr. F and I had a fantastic week of food for our anniversary!

This time a week ago, I had some flex time at work so we went paddle boarding mid-day! 11781630_744953989552_3144658921567849893_n It was the perfect weather and very little wind. We went to dinner at Joule where we had wonderfully seared octopus! 10955321_744954548432_2648654508483333812_n  Last friday, we checked out our favorite pizza spot, Delancey, with our friend, Kelly! 11782483_10102948382804048_3493444789919014028_o Mr. F and I haven’t been eating many simple carbs recently so the pizza was a big deal and an awesome treat. The white pie with ricotta, Zoe’s sausage and padrons may have been the best pizza I’ve ever had! 11105204_745119393082_7480890961241033014_o As if these meals weren’t spectacular enough, we went to Art of the Table for our anniversary dinner. It’s also in our neighborhood and very walkable. 11779953_745189218152_7017799219283008336_o On Saturdays, they have an amazing tasting menu and we loved every course, especially the duck foie gras with a poached peach, the Lummi island spot prawns, wild king salmon with eggplant and not to mention the lemon curd donut.

On Sunday, Mr. F made a picnic lunch and we took the ferry to Lopez Island. 11846735_745415429822_1145407087689804980_n We had fun swimming in the Pacific Ocean,11800277_745281892432_2870789443803870951_n (1)hiking,11794470_745663946792_1639333162658848791_obiking, and drinking great wine we brought with us in celebration.11802755_745663896892_4909764269445901459_o 11846756_745736172052_4541709067138893763_n  Today, we plan on paddleboarding, swimming and going wine tasting for our staycation!

Happy 7th wedding anniversary, Mr. Fettbot! 11846603_745223599252_8233005214982167103_n

Fettbot travel health and fitness tips

My Aunt asked me this weekend about health and fitness suggestions, so I thought I’d share my travel health and fitness tips on my blog too!
I use the 12 Minute Athlete App  when I don’t have a lot of time or options to work out ( It’s a great core workout in a very short timeframe. It also gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat. Initially, I had a really hard time completing the 3 sets of 6-30 second exercises since they’re pretty intense, but after a few times they’ve become easier however not pleasant. If I’m feeling more like a yoga session at home or in the hotel room, like after a long flight, I use Yoga Studio App. It’s Hatha yoga with 15, 30 or 60 minute options ( I really like the 15 minute relaxation yoga class right before going to bed.
I generally eat pretty healthy at home, but I find it very difficult to avoid carbs entirely while traveling for work. Thus, I try to do yoga or the 12 Minute app every day on the road, especially if I’m not walking over 10,000 steps daily! (Side note, working from home makes it difficult to reach this goal, but running through airports and hospitals makes this a real possibility!)
Every morning, regardless if I’m on the road or at home, I try to drink Athletic Greens, as a healthy veggie and superfood start to my day ( Mr. F and I first learned about it the Four Hour Body book which is also a fun read. This supplement also focuses on happiness, immunity and nutritional healthy ingredients, which is especially helpful when I’m trying to be healthy and there are not a lot of great food options at the hotel or nearby.
The Athletic Greens directions suggest you drink it when you first wake up (on an empty stomach) but wait 30 minutes before eating, so this is usually when I do the 12 Minute Athlete App.
If I’m home though, we typically make smoothies for breakfast after the Athletic Greens. Since I’m lactose intolerant, I use kefir (there are several brands and some are also organic). It’s available at most grocery stores in the milk section.
Here’s one of my favorite recipes! You can see our awesome Vitamix in this post which we got at Costco. We love it and use it daily, sometimes twice a day!
When I’m at home, I’m very lucky that Mr. F makes nutritious meals mostly substituting carbs for another vegetable serving. For example, at lunch yesterday, he made a salad with poached eggs, shaved fennel, parmesan and pepper,10486205_722860370342_8790223008158232276_nand for dinner, we had pork chops, avocado, broccoli, a little salad and a side of sriracha, garlic and lime aioli. 10957014_722865779502_3064106855384998589_n While traveling, I try to look for gluten-free options and sometimes the best options on the go are EPIC bars ( or a big salad with protein. However, there are long days that a burger is the best option.
To round everything out, I take a few vitamins including fish oil with high DHA and EPA, vitamin B and D. My doctor/naturopath suggested this combination to combat Seasonal Affected Disorder (or the lack of sun in Seattle!)
What are your healthy food and fitness tips while traveling?


This time last week, I was in Snowmass!

A little over a week ago, Mr. F and I flew through 11035610_721272183082_8261391819720239380_n San Francisco to Snowmass, CO to go skiing with his parents. It was sunny with great snow and we took tons of fun pictures.  10352261_721421184482_8363729509592683360_n Our first day of skiing was the coldest and with the best snow. We had fantastic views and had a marvelous time skiing. It was also our first time on the sloops in several years! 11044553_721421927992_5150495600727477_n Our favorite view was the Maroon Bells, which looked phenomenal from the top of the Cirque lift!10982175_721421848152_6314933059662350028_n

11054805_721559242812_6268431524852666512_n The second full day we were in Colorado we went for an easy hike along the Rio Grande Trail10258264_721559327642_4488028997290428827_nwith a lovely bridge for photos! 10987472_721559078142_6906618335931482700_nWe also walked along the Wood Road neighborhood to walk more than 10,000 steps! 10994057_721682420962_6006606703894456200_n Isn’t the family house door knocker majestic? 11058380_721682505792_6672946445289006095_n The inside of the Machek house is equally charming and full of family heirlooms too! 11013121_721755449612_3657190147809635913_n Mr. F and his mom had fun in the kitchen together, too! 10988319_721682939922_7682354683789026290_n Over the weekend, we skied in warmer weather11029483_721823223792_4044878421175373513_n and less layers!  11046483_721826162902_7735054974146081642_n We had an amazing time skiing11043042_721825783662_710132177965742570_n and we were so happy that yoga had helped so much with our conditioning! All the vinyasa flow has really paid off with all of the long Snowmass runs! Thank you, Claudette and Jessica, for making us do so many extended lunges and chair pose!

On our last day in Snowmass, we decided not to ski three days in a row and walk around Snowmass Village and Aspen instead.  11044642_721955882942_8440256674718619942_n There was a nice trail from the village to the highway that is also parallel to the snowshoeing trail along the golf course.  11052537_721956571562_1632135810090202350_n Our flight home was also a wonderful send off with a stunning flyover of Snowmass!18290_722054515282_5727325685031671108_n   11026056_722054535242_3350305989264785325_n