The Day before Kiki’s #Werkbot wedding

10474729_699597788742_635397156170368832_n  The day before Kiki’s wedding was filled with lots of exercise and pampering! My sisters and I went with our cousins and a few other friends to Polished for mani/pedis, or as Uncle Dave calls it “finger and toe things”! 10365897_699523253112_6625614690646846083_nAuntie Mary and Kiki got adorable little details like French tips, little hearts and shellac and I was happy to find a new favorite color that’s a brilliant cobalt or lapis lazuli blue. My toes are soo pretty!10672407_699504795102_7796098481135324070_n 10704104_699504690312_1404738865949159109_n10403332_699531032522_1208701226936951143_nMost of the girls went to pick up the wedding dress so Katie and I walked along the river to where we met for a pre-wedding rehearsal lunch.1901297_699536491582_3313913243380681862_n 10557157_699531187212_6594027684432695910_n10672091_699536212142_5128542195508775870_nCafe Benelux had a great Belgium, English and Luxembourg beer menu! When the bridesmaids left for the rehearsal,10151851_699536476612_4059361427850167363_n Katie, Travis and I continued along the River Walk to Lake Michigan 10387542_699672883252_2191367983834105952_nand the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was such a treat to spend an afternoon with these two, around Milwaukee, before 10615458_699537125312_393167996861522612_n 10613011_699536935692_1316797279545821642_n I went to get Mr F at the airport. Mr F had a second interview which ultimately lead to a new job the following week!!!

We met the Talbots for dinner and dancing at the Milwaukee Alehouse but first, the WSU vs Stanford football game. 10696194_699673766482_5230401763313185832_nMy sister and Travis are huge Coug fans. After 9, a cover band started and it was amazing. They even played on of my ultimate favorite songs, 10615512_10100646101219774_7682480735968150955_n“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”1962654_10100646101464284_411082598169488920_nThe bride is an awesome dancer and looked like she was having a great time too!

#Werkbot pre-wedding festivities in Milwaukee

It’s always amazing when my work trips coincide with family or friends. It was awesome to spend more time with my family celebrating Kiki and Ryan’s wedding in Milwaukee last week! 10626840_699422964092_6990840146967938857_nAnother one of my favorite things about Milwaukee (besides my cousins) is the river walk! 10410656_699220579672_1740634587591023450_nThe last 3 times I’ve been in town for work, my hotels have always been close to the Milwaukee River too. This city reminds me of all my favorite parts of Chicago! 10339769_699221532762_2188603275414710721_nLast Wednesday, I flew to Milwaukee for a work trip and had dinner with the bride and groom and my sister and her boyfriend, Travis, a few nights before the wedding!10685340_699251507692_1894179038156638768_n My cousin, Kiki and my sister, Katie are some of the most fun-loving, happiest ladies that I know and they are a blast to hang out with….Can you tell we like taking pictures together too?10685450_699258877922_8636301881594181878_n I wish we lived closer to Kiki!1904174_699258897882_9008371760691570722_n 10509740_699268768102_6164447136957116098_n She’s always laughing or dancing, and knows how to make others smile.

My sister, Janie flew in on Thursday, after I finished working for the day, so we all met up before dinner with more cousins! 10665224_699382969242_2863390546036448418_nYay for car selfies!1422485_699383128922_7254686816476634438_nCan you tell we’re related? The Talbot family met up at my cousin Jason’s house for appetizers and drinks before dinner. Jason and Jeri just got married last October!10704030_699405648792_5440147928289315037_n My cousin, Jessie drove up from Chicago, where’s she’s an OB resident! 10703521_699422115792_2049498266155585310_n Kiki also showed off her Epic Bachelorette photo book that I made from Shutterfly before we all went to dinner!1743675_699422155712_8393505231911657042_n There were nearly 20 Talbots at dinner on Thursday. My parents, Janie and her boyfriend Chris10441085_699422694632_5216973321162924771_n Jessie, Travis, Katie, 10704114_699422774472_3657866503267844283_n 10329218_699422849322_97776686174779953_n my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend, Lacey, Jason, Jeri, Aunt Kitchie, Uncle Bill, the bride’s parents, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, plus a few friends! 10690025_699428258482_1486412143643332541_n1800385_699489236282_7718664533251020126_nWe also had to take pictures in the pumpkin patch10703508_699489111532_2372499306510150239_n across the street after dinner!10441228_699489181392_1408700475279746343_n We Talbots have alot of fun together!

Home and work trips to Spokane and Chicago

10645150_696568978502_6581666454337444190_nIt was so nice to be home in Seattle for the last weekend of Summer. Mr. F and I walked around our neighborhood and biked to Golden Gardens! 10538604_696569193072_7278083486212777369_nWe saw turtles in the ponds!10644516_696569123212_6472362746767942352_n We also had our last swim in the Sound for the season.10653538_696569223012_7456489904495297253_nThe air was in the 70s but the water felt extremely cold (approximately 55 degrees)! On Sunday, I flew to Spokane for work. I love taking the smaller planes10411113_696631433342_5579441703482036814_nbecause you can see so much more of Washington and 10675638_696662276532_1990306297766287827_n the walking on the tarmac at sunset is beautiful too. My co-worker and I went for a great morning run through the Washington State University Campus10639672_696760669352_4613058373407008385_n(where my sister went to Nursing School) and along the Spokane River!10386370_696760699292_8680542856359260743_n

On Wednesday, I flew to Chicago for work! 1381489_697073707022_3975724772140229502_nI loved staying in the Loop and seeing my good friend and cousin, Katy! My clinic was right on Michigan and my hotel was a quick walk away. After work, Katy, her husband, her new baby and I walked through one of my favorite Chicago past times,10606467_697161526032_411233782853414406_nthe Lurie Garden! 10665836_697161695692_5181979916818937712_n Little G totally kept giving me the face that said, “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.”10629613_697161655772_7071685290222168581_nHe was also born on my sister’s birthday! 10698499_697161580922_9007534550334073739_n Katy and G even indulged me and went to the Bean for a few photos!   1897819_697162089902_3367150650039262106_n

I flew home on Thursday morning from 70s and sunny, to temperatures in the upper 50s and glorious rain on my sunflowers in Seattle.10636199_697386290602_5341012573255450530_nFall has definitely arrived! Mr. F and I did enjoy a nice walk around our old neighborhood10689735_697386345492_3257473246906096347_n while it was briefly sunny yesterday afternoon.

Last night, we also celebrated my Dad’s birthday! 10689636_697300422682_1487823719965731223_n Happy Birthday, Dad!

Hang Loose….Honolulu work trip!

Don’t worry sweet baby!
Don’t you ever worry ’bout a thing.
Put them worries on the shelf ‘n’ learn to love yourself
Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Hang loose, hang loose
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.

Come with me sweet darlin’.
I got a seat ya ticket for the plane. 10665303_696269034592_3948575673374254678_nWe gonna fly to Waikiki,   10403591_695695733492_5093608330006180819_n10710524_695861506282_5380236290477644315_nAnd we’ll let the sun melt our cares away. 10342773_695939984012_4192581670073783281_n 10696369_696073321802_3316561140908480074_n

I was lucky enough this week to return to Honolulu for work. IMG_5558 My colleague and I had a blast co-monitoring together in addition to swimming, eating fresh Hawaiian fruit,IMG_5594IMG_5596 smelling and buying soaps made in Hawaii, IMG_5553going to amazing restaurants with local and organic food, 10616439_695861665962_9216855119992588387_n 10592830_695861685922_7591999704266154430_nand going to Power Yoga! This vinyasa class was awesome, challenging, and very sweaty. 10703817_695957004902_8101006569959175561_n 

My favorite restaurant from this trip, and the last time I was in Honolulu, is Town.10612833_696017159352_6201513992566016640_nMy co-worker, once saw, Jack Johnson and his family here too!10609514_696017179312_1357789953203834334_nWe loved the ahi tartare on risotto cakes, local greens and fresh fish! 1013295_696017224222_7328715951555874534_nOur last night in Honolulu, we went to Goofy’s for dinner. 10614164_696146889372_3402169976643276398_nAfter more awesome fresh, local and organic food and ginger creme brulee, 10710875_696146999152_4742436414146267656_n we went for a gorgeous walk along the marina at sunset!10629485_696147069012_7536757584013723285_o

Hang loose, hang loose.
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.Alright, we gon’ be alright.
Alright, you’re gon’ be alright!

Hang loose.
Hang loose!
Hang loose.
Hang loose.

(Lyrics from Hang Loose by Alabama Shakes)
10620771_696154089942_788676385656502686_nEven the Honolulu airport is zen!10624853_696269054552_3988029720058606879_n
My next month include trips to Spokane, Chicago, Tacoma, Missoula, Milwaukee for Kiki’s wedding, Penticton, B.C., Idaho Falls, Boise and Colorado Springs! I’m hoping after my next trip to Fargo in November my traveling slows down a little!


September snapshots: sunflowers, babies, Kiki’s bachelorette and lots of traveling

image IMG_0185Over Labor Day Weekend, it poured and we went to Andrew Will’s annual release party on Vashon Island. The winery was gorgeous with tons of flowers  IMG_0188 IMG_0189and we took the ferry IMG_0196 so we had fun with our friends. IMG_0198 imageOur own garden is exploding with sunflowers too! 10408181_695667490092_7597441143140127634_n 10647224_695667574922_5230244530442096080_n10603447_694375569112_3483899481843900469_n

10653463_694084477462_8843902207267236146_nAndrea had her baby at the end of August and we finally got to meet baby Mike the first week of September. 10610602_694084557302_6128556112483951348_nI’m an Auntie Em!

My sister, Katie had her 25th birthday. 10702042_694826929582_6959658975107216982_n  906673_10204862184980187_3029196566481842522_oIt was nice to see all my family! The first week of September, I made sure to spend alot of time with Mr F swimming 10603345_694083923572_3076230312264098272_n10672334_694083873672_2396072753015978470_nand eating great food10600543_694083798822_722717522961193091_nbefore my busy traveling month.

In the last three weeks, I’ve been in Idaho Falls, 10574388_693818829822_1449199842325247606_nMilwaukee,10698482_695077432572_3208152827447816096_n Chicago, and Hawaii! 10624984_695299422702_2157281110896049662_nIn Chicago, last week, I got to see my cousin, Katy’s baby. He was born on my sister, Janie’s birthday!10689884_10101033660807510_2039298939533346564_nMy sisters and I had dinner with my cousin, Brian and his girlfriend, Sammy. Plus, we celebrated my cousin, Kiki’s bachelorette party!!10703755_10101034275994670_6657360447379049930_n 10614287_695395969222_5800049556433190268_n1622238_10101034355769800_8148629975918823593_n  We went to one of my most favorite Chicago restaurants,10687107_695422820412_2645426119823376205_nPiccolo Sogno Due! I love their homemade pastas,10431482_10101035326733980_895617977443746282_n especially the ravioli.10615398_10152257530751020_5289538437823369889_n10616385_695473009832_2508832558907441823_n We also had a ton of fun dancing at several places on Hubbard!

I’ll post about Hawaii next!

#yogagirlchallenge Day 17: I LOVE YOU

image imageIn the wise words of @yogagirl, Rachel Brathen, “It’s important to tell the people we love just how much they mean to us – and to do it often! It’s easy to start taking your close relationships for granted, especially if you’ve known the person for a long time. When was the last time you told your mother you loved her? Your father? Your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend?”

I love that my mom and uncle picked me up from the airport, last night, when I flew in from St. Louis from a work trip. Yes, I was at a clinic in Florissant, next door to Ferguson. Fortunately, there was no rioting and I drove by a couple QwikTrips fully intact and function. I’m so happy to be home. The kitties slept in with me and we’re meeting friends for a ferry ride to Vashon Island for wine tasting before a fun birthday party dinner downtown for another friend!

This morning, Mr F and I made breakfast together. I love him!


Congrats to new Mom, Andrea! Be Fearless #yogagirlchallenge day 13

Today’s #yogagirlchallenge is Be Fearless.

I think this an appropriate post to dedicate to my fearless best friend since middle school, Andrea. She always knew that she wanted to be a pilot, since I met her when we were 10 and 11. She joined the air force when she graduated high school and is now a C-130 pilot!imageimage

She went into labor last night and had an 8lb 20inch baby before midnight. I hope I get more details soon!

Mr F and I are very happy for your family!c7f0c793c5503a7c442bf17bd2703a2d

image ea35e9b37f12378b47ec50bc4ea09bb9These quotes and their illustrations can be found on one of my Pinterest boards, called Good to Remember!