In the last month…

In the last month, I started a new job, completed orientation, my little sister got engaged,1509276_705679705532_7876987127732053041_ncelebrated Thanksgiving with the family, 1655817_10101121031146650_2233594214674358365_o10408074_10205518199740146_7261028726146892731_nwent to a funeral of one of our best college friends,150713_705921615742_6820021658836084248_nwho will be missed severely,10731007_705920912152_698908552671452151_nstarted looking for a labradoodle puppy after meeting a really really cute one,10406712_707998129392_3203916938954129201_nread several amazing books (like the second and third Outlander books, Red Seas Under Red Skies, and Republic of Thieves), bought the majority of my Christmas presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and wrapped them, as well as setting up the tree. 10440923_707241954772_7426454819107115628_n    10805768_707177269402_7520573055612031062_n 10394089_707225487772_8106029255615772589_n  63457_705442111672_2026818322964496731_n x  10441028_707333082152_5917056602610517258_n We’ve had a few fun dinner parties at our house and Mr. F tried a new recipe of citrus, mint, hazelnuts and ricotta. We also had a phenomenal wine from Result of A Crush called Chistmas Cuvee! 10411301_707352568102_5850836480294007599_n We’ve also checked out a new restaurant called Manolin in the neighborhood and it’s pretty amazing.10805827_708270209142_4232267968195753175_nThe rockfish ceviche and cocktails are super delicious.  10850132_708268138292_951993845846791835_nYesterday, my sister, grandmother and I met up for mani/pedis and dinner too! 1535379_707998633382_2855232647952747756_nDecember’s pretty nice so far! Tomorrow I go to St Louis and next week, Denver and Spokane, WA for work then it’s CHRISTMAS!!

Sunny Seattle Wintery Weather!

Seattle has been in the 30s and 40s in the last two weeks. Mr. F has started making more hearty dishes like several variations of roasted chicken,image duck for the first time, and lots of amazing soups.imageOne of our favorite fall salads has roasted beets with image goat cheese or ricotta. imageIt goes well with everything too.

Earlier this week, Mr. F made a miso, radish, spinach soup with poached eggs, andimageon Friday, a Moroccan, harissa, cabbage, tomato and egg soup.image It was the perfect amount of spice balanced with cumin and ginger. Mr. F makes it look so easy too! You may be able to tell that we love poached eggs and Mr. F also makes an amazing salad with chorizo and parmesan!imageThey’re so fluffy!!!


This weekend we enjoyed the sunny and cold weather with walks along the Everett Marina docks, image image walking around our neighborhood, image and surprisingly we saw a lot of ice! image

Tonight, Mr. F made another winning dinnerimagewith lamb, cabbage, celery, olives, preserved lemons, carrots, onions, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper, beef stock, sweet vermouth, harissa, garlic, parsley, mint, and a new discovery, bread cheese.imageIt went wonderfully with Two Vintners Syrah!



I’m so glad my husband is an amazing cook because I burn water. Last weekend, I accidentally made a raw Angel Food cake for a family dinner but fortunately, he saved it and made it into bread pudding. Phew! My grandparents, uncle and parents loved it, of course!

total Taylor Swift fangirl

Today, I gave myself one of the best holiday presents ever! image image image imageimage I am so excited that I’m going with my sisters and my fun co-worker friend in August 2015! I rarely go to concerts so this is a big deal!!! However I have been listening to this album on repeat and I love that Taylor Swift had artists like Imogen Heap and Jack Antonoff from fun co-write with her. Taylor Swift reminds me of my sister, Katie (who was also born in 1989) and my cousin, Kiki!

I can’t wait for August 2015!!!!

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie recipe

Mr F and I have smoothies for breakfast almost every morning and we recently discovered a fun and totally seasonally appropriate variation!

Yield: 32 oz

Combine in a blender and mix:
16 oz plain kefir (or almond / regular milk if preferred)
1 can unsweetened pumpkin puree (we’ve also used butternut squash which is also delicious!)
2 bananas
2 tablespoons stevia, sugar, or maple syrup
1/2-1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (or cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, whatever deliciousness you like in pies)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Optional healthy / hippy add-ons we modified:
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 tablespoon protein powderimage
Optional not piloted but likely delightful toppings that occurred to me as I was eating:
Whipping cream
Toasted & salted pumpkin seeds

It’s a surprisingly hardy and filling breakfast with enough protein that tides me over until lunch!

We went to the new Tray Kitchen in Frelard tonight!

image We finally got to check out the new Tray Kitchen which opened this weekend near our house between Fremont and Ballard on Leary Way NW. (We had previously tried to go a week ago, before the restaurant was officially open!) I thought the cocktails were fun! image The steak tartare had interesting flavorimagebut Mr F wanted more salt. I thought the best part were the crispy and fresh micro greens! image We both really enjoyed the house made pancetta with the Brussels sprout salad and apples. image The black cod was nice but the dashi soy sauce dip really elevated it. We even dipped other dishes in it. Our ultimate favorite dish was the roasted cauliflower saladimagewith hazelnuts, drunken raisins (raisins soaked in white wine and something else amazing), micro greens and a few other awesome ingredients. image The Korean Fried Chicken wings were delightfully spicy but not a lot of meat and quite messy. They were still worth it and again, I loved the micro greens as a garnish. image The yummy pickled veggies included a green pickled cayenne pepper which was bitter but tasty. Mr. F’s favorite item was the salmon mousse with homemade chips!imageWhile these were all relatively small, dim-sum style dishes, they were pleasantly filling, so we decided to get dessert next time. (This is also another reason to go back soon!)

I’m looking forward to returning for their happy hour and when they start serving brunch in December. I hear they’ll have omelette options on trays (like the mousse and a few salad options that we didn’t get) and savory french toast.

They also had a great wine list with Washington, Oregon, French, Austrian, Italian, Grecian and even Lebanese wine. I even saw a Leonetti on their wall of options! I bet we’ll be back in the next month to try more dishes and wine!

Who wants to join us next time?

Happy 3 week wedding anniversary to Kiki and Ryan!

jumping Kiki was such a gorgeous and happy bride! How cute is she jumping on the bed with her maid of honor and my sister? She also had super cute bridesmaids! bridesmaidsThey were all so nice and cute!download (5)The ceremony site was at the beautiful Lake Park on Lion’s Bridge and the weather was absolutely perfect.1911698_699730283222_8056299740257250488_nAll the Talbots were so happy to be there including my grandmother!  10376267_699730353082_5742520537533719574_n 1958403_699730477832_8342281216381478811_nThe bride’s brothers, my awesome cousins, played a few songs during the ceremony and made us all tear up. download (8) Yay for the #Werkbots!download (2) download (4) The bride’s parents, my Aunt and Uncle, danced back down the aisle they were so happy! My sisters and I got some great pictures too! download (9)Most of my dad’s family is in Wisconsindownload (6)and it was great to see all of them!  10325258_10101068877777420_1594598868985075021_nThe bridal party got on an adorable trolley to take pictures around Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee before going to the Reception site. download (3)My cousin, Kiki is amazing and Ryan is pretty cool (10)The Milwaukee Art Museum was a wonderful background. download (11)Kiki and her brothers are so hilarious. I’m so glad they’re my cousins!download (12)download (1)The Pritzlaff Building had cobblestone walk away where we had cocktails before the reception! downloadMy sisters were wandering around 10700507_10101077912297170_5352014483813776388_o (1) and took some hilarious pictures of Mr. F, me, and Chris!10702049_10152311287946020_7250435638590328890_nThe bride and groom looked so in love and happy all throughout the day! My dad and his sisters were so happy1464628_10101070790484340_737922976247338299_nto see each other too! As if the food and family wasn’t already fabulous, 10733902_10101077913834090_3113631849610610757_othen my cousins played with their band, Saturday Night Gravy. Yeah, they’re total studs. 10644747_10101077915725300_3965890773252086281_o My favorite part was when Kiki got up and sang with her brothers, including, Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me”! 10698616_10100647209932904_7105508187161171297_nAlmost every female at the wedding sang along with the bridedownload (13)and it was EPIC….just like the Werkbots!1016476_699832977422_2490282498148008056_nHappy 3 week wedding anniversary, Kiki and Ryan!

The Day before Kiki’s #Werkbot wedding

10474729_699597788742_635397156170368832_n  The day before Kiki’s wedding was filled with lots of exercise and pampering! My sisters and I went with our cousins and a few other friends to Polished for mani/pedis, or as Uncle Dave calls it “finger and toe things”! 10365897_699523253112_6625614690646846083_nAuntie Mary and Kiki got adorable little details like French tips, little hearts and shellac and I was happy to find a new favorite color that’s a brilliant cobalt or lapis lazuli blue. My toes are soo pretty!10672407_699504795102_7796098481135324070_n 10704104_699504690312_1404738865949159109_n10403332_699531032522_1208701226936951143_nMost of the girls went to pick up the wedding dress so Katie and I walked along the river to where we met for a pre-wedding rehearsal lunch.1901297_699536491582_3313913243380681862_n 10557157_699531187212_6594027684432695910_n10672091_699536212142_5128542195508775870_nCafe Benelux had a great Belgium, English and Luxembourg beer menu! When the bridesmaids left for the rehearsal,10151851_699536476612_4059361427850167363_n Katie, Travis and I continued along the River Walk to Lake Michigan 10387542_699672883252_2191367983834105952_nand the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was such a treat to spend an afternoon with these two, around Milwaukee, before 10615458_699537125312_393167996861522612_n 10613011_699536935692_1316797279545821642_n I went to get Mr F at the airport. Mr F had a second interview which ultimately lead to a new job the following week!!!

We met the Talbots for dinner and dancing at the Milwaukee Alehouse but first, the WSU vs Stanford football game. 10696194_699673766482_5230401763313185832_nMy sister and Travis are huge Coug fans. After 9, a cover band started and it was amazing. They even played on of my ultimate favorite songs, 10615512_10100646101219774_7682480735968150955_n“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”1962654_10100646101464284_411082598169488920_nThe bride is an awesome dancer and looked like she was having a great time too!