Still loving the Snoo and what I’m using at five months

The Snoo continues to be amazing at helping our baby sleep most of the night (somewhere around 4-7 hour stretches depending on hunger/growth spurts,) and we have not had an issue when traveling without it. We recently went to Hawaii where the baby slept in a pack n’ play with the Snoo swaddle.  We think the combination of the white noise, rocking, and swaddle are genuinely helpful at getting more sleep! At four months, Mallary was between 21-24 inches and in the medium Snoo sack. Now at five months, we’re moving her into the large size. I’m hoping to resell the Snoo in February since I estimate she’s going to grow out of the Snoo at 6 months, which is what the Happiest Baby website estimates too.

Kate Quinn is a wonderful, local Seattle area company that makes my favorite onesies in a kimono style which is the best for quick changes especially with the inevitable blowouts. The extra snaps across the front are super handy when removing dirty clothes. They use soft, organic cotton with sweet prints, like the three bears!  The website is always having 50-60% sales too. Right now you can get a long sleeve one for $9.20!  Try the code 60sale or Mushroom60.

We think Patagonia baby capilene  is great for winter walks. It’s a breathable, technical fabric designed for cold weather activities. Infant Capilene® Set, Feather Grey (FEA) We initially found it marked 50% off, on sale at REI too.

Babiators are great for keeping the sun out of Mallary’s eyes and for making her look like the coolest baby ever! We think she squints when the sun hits her face so she seemed to especially appreciate the shades when we were in Hawaii earlier this month!

When we were in Hawaii, I mostly kept Mallary in rash guards and big floppy hats, and not in direct sunlight between 10-2 however did use a little sunscreen when we went for long walks. I really liked Badger baby sunscreen spf 30 Badger SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream - 2.9 oz Tubeand it was recommended on the Environmental Working Group’s website as one of the 19 best-scoring sunscreens for babies and kids.

The winkel toy is one of her favorite teethers and it keeps her interested for longer than some of her other teething toys. Several of her baby friends have this toy and now I understand why it’s so popular in 3-7 month old babies. It rattles, moves, and is flexible for little baby hands and mouths. 

Since she’s drooling alot with teething, we also love the Copper Pearl bibs, especially because of their bandana style and adorable prints.  We saw the neighbor boy wearing them and then got them on sale for Boxing Day.

On vacation and on weekends, I love using the Ergo carrier  especially for long walks! It helps with discreet feeding when she’s facing me too! 

Comotomo bottles are Mallary’s favorite when I’m not readily available.  I like that they’re easy to clean with a wide mouth. The bottle is flexible and silicone too.

My favorite changing pad since Mallary’s birth is still the Keekaroo. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t slide around. At five months, she still has a few inches above and below her since it’s a total of 32 inches in length.

Seventh generation wipes are thicker and more efficient especially compared to Honest wipes and Huggies. We even get the Amazon subscribe n’ save once a month which makes it 3 cents a wipe! Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Baby Wipes, Free & Clear with Flip Top Dispenser, 768 count (Packaging May Vary) However, we still try to rinse Mallary in the sink, like a baby bidet once a day, and a full bath once a week.

These are a few of my favorite baby products that we are currently using on a regular basis but I’m always open to try new baby gear, especially if it’s more environmentally friendly and Mallary likes it!

Baby Gear Review: Doodle & co pacifier

I really wanted to like this Doddle & co pacifier. [The Pop®, the cleaner pacifier, from Doddle & Co. Made from 100% silicone, the nipple pops back into its own self-protective bubble when it drops.] The germaphobe in me instantly gravitated towards this cleaner pacifier option. However, my baby doesn’t keep it in her mouth. It may be because she’s not always into pacifiers, or perhaps that it’s because it needs suction to be engaged. I also wonder if she’ll like it more as she gets older, so we’ll keep it in the rotation.

Here is my quick review of the product and a few pictures of her face when we try it.

Pros: Cleaner than other pacifiers

Easy to clean (directions to sterilize are 5 minutes in boiling water)

Fun colors

BPA free since it’s silicone

Cons: Baby doesn’t know to suck harder to keep it in their mouth

Static cling

Spit collector

Baby Gear Review: Gunapod® Bamboo Duvet Sack

Our baby loves to be swaddled and responds very well to the comfort of it around her. We’ve tried several options including multiple blankets, the Miracle Blanket, and the Snoo swaddle. Of course, I jumped at the chance to try this new Gunapod® Bamboo Duvet Sack for Gugu Guru from the Gunamuna company.

Per their website, “It’s super soft fabric made from eco-friendly hypoallergenic thermal regulating bamboo fibers, perfect for protecting sensitive skin. And then we filled it with premium fill to feel like a down comforter. The Gunapod® mimics your hug with all over channel-stitched soft pressure points, so baby feels ultra comfortable + sleeps longer. All of that with our WONDERZiP® technology for the easiest diaper changes and a temperature control zip to further customize the cozy. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

My initial thoughts are, I love the soft material, the adorable pattern and that the Velcro is the non-sticky type so hair and clothes don’t immediately stick to it.  Little Mallary seems to love the comfort of the fabric and hold of the internal swaddle and sack too. We’re not sure if she sleeps longer in it, yet. but we’re hoping to test this more on our upcoming weekend trips.

 I love the options to have one, two or no arms out. The baby prefers both arms out, so far!  I like the idea that it’s easy to change the diaper but I’m also paranoid that it will get dirty unless I use a cloth diaper or burp cloth under her while changing her. I also like that the company was conscious of hip dyplasia prevention and that her legs are not restricted. 

Overall, we love this swaddle sack option and it helps with naps in the Pack n Play! We are looking forward to using this swaddle sack more when we travel, especially when we go to Walla Walla next month as our first overnight away from home!

Baby registry items I’m actually using in the newborn stage

My favorite registry items that I’ve actually used in the first three weeks with my newborn:

1) Breastfeeding pillows: The Boppy versus My Brest Friend versus my Snoogle Pregnancy pillow for breastfeeding….For the first week post partum, the thought of clipping the tighter Brest friend  around my abdomen was painful however since my stomach has decreased in size I’ve found this is the perfect on-the-go pillow and have used it in the car, in an armchair and at other people’s houses.   The Boppy pillow has always been helpful however I usually need an extra roll or prop or two for my wrists and elbows so they don’t get overly tired. (I’ve been told to stack these pillows for the optimal height.) The pregnancy pillow that I’ve used every night since I was 20 weeks pregnant Product Details has been the best option to wrap around myself while sitting in bed and I don’t tend to need additional props to battle fatigue. In addition, the baby is best supported in this wrapped pillow too!  She seems pretty happy in all three as long as she’s getting fed.

2) Swing versus lounger: Boppy lounger is an absolute must have, especially when you’re making a meal and the baby is fast asleep!   I’ve been told that swings serve the same purpose and have straps to hold them in but so far we’ve dismantled the swings and have them in the closet so they don’t take up so much space. The down side of the Boppy lounger is that the cats think it’s for them, so we have to store it upright when the baby isn’t in it.

3) Strollers: Bumbleride Stroller versus the Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller Frame. A friend from college first told me about her Bumbleride that she received from her sister. She’s had it for several years and it’s in great shape, plus it’s made from recycled plastic! It’s great for trails with tires similar to a bike and folds easily. I love this option for longer walks and hills especially with the Summer Infant extra insert for my 2 week old.  However for grocery store runs and other short errands, the Chicco KeyFit stroller frame has been immensely helpful for a quick snap and go of the car seat. It was perfect for running around Costco the other day and I could add things to the bottom tray too! Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

4) Swaddles of all kinds: I didn’t buy any newborn clothes so our baby has lived in swaddles for the first two weeks unless we’re going out of the house. I love the Burt’s Bees and Kate Quinn  blankets for their stretchy cotton, Aden + Anais are breathable lighter cotton muslin in adorable patterns as well as the brand, Oliver + Kit for their eggplant and gnome prints. 

How cute is this Loulou Lollipop print too?  

5) Socks: Hanna Andersson Best Ever First Socks were another suggestion from my college friend since others fall off so easily. I was able to find them on sale for about $2-3 a pair.  They really do stay on even if they are slightly too big for our little girl so far. I also really like SmartWool baby socks and have had great luck with them staying on but I’ve already lost one when it stuck to the Velcro on the Ergo.

6) Babywearing carrier: The baby K’tan, Ergo 360 with the newborn insert, and Nesting Days all serve different functions in our house. We were given a friend’s K’tan and it fits my husband perfectly but is a little too loose on me versus the Ergo Product Details can be adjusted for either of us and is much more supportive for walks around the neighborhood, like the ravine nearby that you would not bring a stroller on. I really like the Nesting Days carrier for around the house  (modeled by my sister) and if I need to hold my baby while I’m eating! I haven’t figured out nursing in it yet, but I’m game to try it soon.

6) Bathtub: We received the Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub – Newborn, Infant, 0-6 Months, In-Sink Baby Bathtub, BPA free, PVC free (Grey)  and were given a Fisher Price and another tub but we really just rinse her bottom under the facet when it gets really messy. The Puj is nice that it fits in our sink without to much rigmarole too!

7) Crib versus bassinet: As I’ve blogged before, we really love the Snoo next to my side of the bed, but do plan to move her into a crib around 6 months and into her own room. One of my awesome besties gave us the highly rated Sealy Soybean foam mattress too! I also love the Little Unicorn narwhal print sheets.

8) Diaper rash cream: I was all for natural products like Burt’s Bees Daily Cream to Powder Burt's Bees Baby Bee 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment, 3 Ounces which works well, but my sister who works at Seattle Children’s Hospital recommended Dr. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste which really makes a difference in preventing diaper rash.  We also have Destin which seems to be the classic standby too.

9) Changing pad: Summer Infant versus Keekaroo. We initially had the super popular Summer Infant changing pad Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad, White but the plastic clip scratched deep grooves in our table, so we cut of the offending straps and also moved to the silicone based Keekaroo which is so much easier to clean.  We dramatically prefer the Keekaroo for its ease but it’s also 10 times the price.

We also use cloth diapers to soak up any moisture and spills on the changing table, as well as for burp clothes or a quick blanket/cover.

10) What goes in my diaper bag: I love having the  Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet-Dry Bag, Chevron and Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Changing Station with Cushioned Changing Mat and Wipes Case, 3 Pockets, Chevron. We’ve been able to change diapers on the go and take the dirty diapers with us in the wet-dry bag! I love all the extra compartments too.

11) Baby wipe and diapers: We tried Huggies, Honest and most recently the Seventh Generation wipes. The Seventh Generation wipes seem softer and more gentle on our baby’s skin. I’ve also been told to try Water Wipes. So far, we’ve loved Honest diapers too. We liked the Huggies Newborn Snugglers when Mallary was under 7 lbs and that’s what the hospital gave us too. The line that changes color when the diaper is wet is super helpful too. Ultimately we wanted something a like more eco-friendly and have also tried gDiapers but our first experiences led to near blowouts so we’re letting her get a little bigger before trying them again! Choose a Color of gPants

12) White noise for on the go: our neighbors use the SoundSpa in their car seat, so I got one too. Now Mallary sleeps almost immediately in the carseat too! 

13) Diaper bag: My preferred diaper bag is a backpack that I will use after our baby is out of diapers, so I picked the Patagonia Black Hole.  It fits several outfits a dozen diapers, the changing station and two wet dry bags, including a nursing cover by Oh Joy x Milk Snob with cute zebras from Target!

14) Carseat: We also love the Chicco KeyFit 30 Lyra that I was able to get through my work.

15) What to wear after the hospital….my college friend recommended Depends Silhouettes because they are easier than changing a pad repeatedly and they go over c-section incisions. They also don’t look too terrible. These have been very helpful for the week after the hospital especially if you’re bleeding a lot!

Nursing bras and tops: I’m really enjoying Gap nursing tops and LoveComma tops especially their bralettes. The Bamboobies are super helpful for leaks and while Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads stay in place better, I’m frustrated when I accidentally wash them and they make a mess of tiny gel beads everywhere.

I really love this LoveComma “Feedwear” dress, especially immediately after having Mallary. It’s also aptly called the Going Home Dress.  There are amazing hidden cutouts for nursing but it’s still roomy and cute! 

Items I haven’t tried yet but am very curious in the next few weeks:

Comotomo (silicone) Product Details and Pura Kiki bottles (absolutely no plastic, including lids and nipples)

Yoga/physio ball for bouncing her back to sleep


Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier, Black

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair – Walnut

Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard Stratus

I can’t wait to read my favorite books to Mallary including, A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A BabyLit® Fairies Primer (BabyLit Books), Barbar, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Make Way for Ducklings among others.

Baby gear review: we love the Snoo

When I was pregnant, I cross referenced all baby registry items with countless girlfriends and close cousins, as well as Amazon, Consumer Reports and online reviews. However, I couldn’t find enough feedback on the Snoo. Prior to baby Mallary being born, my husband and I were a little concerned about getting enough sleep especially when we both have to go back to work, so we thought spending a little extra money for a crib promoted as the “Smart Sleeper” had to be worth something more. We also rationalized paying more for a crib that would be used for 6 months if we were happier parents especially since the majority of cribs out there were the same price and lower quality.

Fortunately, after the first night home and my milk supply crib came in, Mallary has been a wonderful sleeper. We have to attribute at least some of this to the Snoo. My husband and I regularly have white noise for us at night so listening to the crib’s gentle rain noise at the first level is perfect. In general, we think the 5 Ss of shushing, swaddling, swinging, (sucking, side position, not specifically applicable to the Snoo) have really helped her.IMG_1382

While we haven’t had another basis of comparison, it’s very nice that once our baby’s needs (food, diaper and comfort) have been met that we can rely on the Snoo over three quarters of the time to soothe her to sleep. When she is fussy, the Snoo progresses through more soothing noises and steadily more rocking motion, if the baby remains upset. She routinely loves the third or fourth stage that sounds like a submarine and quiets very quickly. However, if she isn’t asleep within 5 minutes, we know that she needs more comfort from her parents or another diaper change. Per Dr Harvey Karp, “In The Happiest Baby on the Block, I describe the motion to soothe crying as the “Jell-O head jiggle” because babies need a very fine, fast jiggle to calm. That motion actually activates the balance center of the brain where the reflex gets turned on.

The SNOO platform only moves ½ an inch – back and forth – which is enough to soothe most babies, imitating what it was like in mom’s belly. That amount of motion is perfectly safe and very different form baby “shaking.”’

We also really like the zippered swaddle sack that keeps her safe on her back. (It’s way easier than regular swaddle for a first time parent too!) She’s immediately comforted by the Velcro strap inside and the zippered swaddle before we even turn the rocking motion on! It really only takes 5 seconds like the website reports, too!

Our baby loves her hands that we sometimes leave the zipper a little undone for her to have them up next to her face. This usually happens if she stretches in her sleep: 

I highly recommend this robo crib to anyone, especially if you’re concerned about SIDS, swaddling, rocking, or your sleep!

Dear Mallary, You are one week old today!

Dear Mallary,

A week ago, your parents checked into Swedish First Hill Hospital on August 18th at 12:15pm a little more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled c-section. My sister, your Auntie Janie happened to be pulling into the garage at the very same time so we were able to go up to the Labor and Delivery Floor together. We waited in the lobby for a little over 15 minutes before they had me go back to the Labor and Delivery prep room. Our nurse, Alix was incredibly nice and knew my Dad, your grandpa, since he has been rounding at the same hospital for nearly 40 years! Our other nurse was Lani, who was also so nice and has the same name as my mom. My parents met us in the prep room before the delivery. My sister, your Auntie Katie and brother-in-law, your Uncle Travis, also came by with a Happy Birthday cake before the surgery and Katie had to go to work. The anesthesiologist resident came in and talked to me about the process and it was as simple as she described it. My Ob, Dr Foltz arrived shortly after 2pm and told me about her Wyoming vacation and that she was happy that I waited for her to come back. She even showed me a video of a moose looking at her!

When I was taken into the Operating Room, it was a quick pinch of numbing agent and I had to press my back out to receive the rest but it was straight forward. The whole c- section took 26 minutes and it was surreal. Rusty, your dad, held my hand the whole time, as she was taking pictures, Auntie Janie was super supportive telling me how strong I was, plus Dr Foltz was efficient and as reassuring as promised.

Mallary, you came out strong and screaming. You were 6 lbs 15.3 oz, 19 inches long, at 2:58pm! Janie told me she was so impressed with how there was, like a light switch turned on, in Rusty, and he has been the most attentive and helpful Dad, that I couldn’t even imagine. I knew he would be a good and caring father, but he has changed every diaper and without complaint.

Our hospital stay was so positive and I’m so happy with our experience. We really appreciated all of the nurses at Swedish First Hill especially Amanda, Nhung, and Lauren. They made our hospital stay as comfortable as possible and we even got to discharge after 48 hours!

You had your first bath in the hospital and passed your hearing and cardiac tests on your second day in the world. You even had an official photo shoot in the hospital with Bella Photography! On your third day of life, you came home with us on your first car ride and sleep in the SNOO. When you were four days old, we went up to the roof to watch the eclipse! You also had your first outpatient pediatrician visit and we were told that you had expected weight loss because my milk had not yet come in, but fortunately two days later, at your next appointment you had gained 5 oz! You are a championship eater! We’re so proud.

We are so happy you’re here and cannot imagine life without you and it’s only been a week!



The Talbot shower by mail tradition

The terrific tradition of a Talbot family baby shower, by mail, was started when my mom was pregnant with me, 35 years ago! With seven brothers and sisters, my dad’s side of the family is spread across Washington, California, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada! My Auntie Kitchie initially coordinated with her sisters and sisters in law to mail baby presents, three decades ago, so they could all celebrate from afar! Earlier this summer, my thoughtful cousin, Jeri, organized an e-invite for the Talbot women to coordinate presents arriving on July 29th from across North America! Jeri had her little boy over a year ago and was the previous Talbot mama to have the shower by mail!

This morning, our baby girl and I were the lucky recipients. The tradition is that the many family members send baby gifts from the comfort of their homes to the mama to be, who opens them all on the same day, in her home, with her feet up and a cup of tea. A few days ago, Jeri sent me a box brimming with tea options and some fun chocolate, too!

My amazing aunties sent me a Mallard dress for baby Mallary, a cute raincoat with butterflies and eco-friendly compostable diapers! My Granny Kay hand knit an adorable hat and “soakers”, too! My cousin, Jeri, also sent matching Goumikids mittens and booties with a great fish print! I really enjoyed all the sweet notes that accompanied the gifts too. I was so inspired that I immediately sent out thank you notes while I was still drinking tea!

As if that wasn’t generous enough, my cousins, Kiki, Jessie, and their moms sent us a super cute plush rocking horse too!! 

We are so set for our little girl, due in 3 weeks!!!!! We go in on Monday for our 37 week check up and to see if she’s still in breech position. Mr F and I are very curious to see if our talking to her, has encouraged her to move her head down, or if I’ll need to get a “version” to move her. I’m just happy that she’s healthy and that we’ll meet her soon!