A fun foodie and outdoor adventure day!

Today was pretty awesome. It started with a 7am swim with Mr F. Sunrise swims are always gorgeous with the pastel colors over the Olympic mountains to the West. Since I didn’t take a picture, I highly recommend everyone go to Golden Gardens beach in Seattle when the sun is rising on a clear day, however sunset in the summer is even more glorious at Golden Gardens.

After we went swimming, we went to one of our favorite yoga classes, which is a great slow flow at the Yoga Tree.  We love going to this class, especially after a long week of work.

Mr. F had to work today, so after lunch, I met my friends for paddleboarding in Shilshole Bay. I rented my favorite displacement paddle board from Surf Ballard and we decided to paddle through the marina. I’m so glad that we did because we saw a baby harbor seal!! (I really wish I had brought my waterproof camera.) It was chasing a fish and circled our boards. It also popped up next to us, repeatedly, over the course of several minutes, super curious and adorable. It was only about two feet long! We almost thought it would climb onto our boards! We also saw my family friends on their boat, the Arkenstone as we paddled through the marina. Before we got to the North end of the marina, the wind came up, pushing us backwards, so it made it pretty easy to be blown/paddle back.  As if this wasn’t enough exercise, I went for another swim after, since it was nearly 90.

Mr. F came home for dinner and we got awesome barbecue at one of our favorite places, Bourbon and Bones. We love splitting a full rack of ribs there. We also got dessert at Cupcake Royale, specifically for the Blueberry Balsamic Goat Cheese ice cream. 14068465_799865805832_5280912603906593615_o The best part of this culinary adventure is, we know the goat cheese farmer!   13987441_799865077292_9053374230481843509_o Gothberg Farms makes the most amazing goat cheese and I HIGHLY recommend a trip to Bow to get cheese, or buying it at Metropolitan Market, or the Bellingham or Anacortes Farmer’s Markets.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow, I’ll prioritize packing more and hopefully get a few swims in, too!



Enjoying the summer weekend!

This weekend was jam-packed! We biked a couple hours and swam several times a day, ordered our new washer/dryer, and picked out a new bed frame and couches. We also packed up our kitchen and closets and started on other rooms as well. We dominated our task list!

We even made time to meet up with my cousin, Katy and her adorable son! 14040118_798659892492_2689889173033539547_n 13892147_798659872532_8477060862925169224_n 13912532_798659842592_7377028394046113295_n Mr. F and I had never been to Cooperleaf Restaurant and it was wonderful, especially since we had a table on the patio. It was perfect for George to run around while we caught up! He was fascinated with koi “fishies”!

This week, I’ll be traveling Monday through Friday, in Southern California for work. When I’m away from home and on the road, I try to schedule fun dinners and meet up with friends in different cities. I’m excited to see a work friend and her new baby when I fly into San Diego and later in the week, to catch up with a college friend and meet her toddlers for the first time!

Luckily, I won’t have any overnight work trips after this week until the first week of September. We still have lots more packing to do between now and the 1st!

Weekend plans=packing and planning!!

13882614_796362266952_3972238352145484534_n Seattle has been amazingly sunny and warm this summer, with only a few grey days. Our weekends have been filled with swimming and yoga. However, this weekend, we’re starting to pack our house, collect boxes, and run errands to complete our house buying process! We’re going to check out washer and dryers, mattresses and bed frames too! Hopefully, we’ll still have time for a few swims a day and at least, one yoga class!

Besides swimming, we’ve really enjoyed biking along the Burke Gilman from Fremont to Shilshole Bay and around our new neighborhood, North Beach. We’ve even challenged ourselves to bike up the Golden Gardens Drive NW, which is a steep incline, a mile long with about 300 feet change in elevation, and we made it! Our new house will be closer to our favorite swimming/wedding beach too! I can’t wait!

It’s my 9 year blog anniversary!

Wow, Facebook reminded me today that I started my blog 9 years ago! This was also a reminder to blog again, more consistently! 13781731_795487879232_5335226989507747335_n My summer has been filled with swimming, traveling, and spending time with family. We swim daily (when I’m not traveling for work) usually before work at 6am and after work around 5pm, at the beach where we got married. 13782277_795037392012_7205401646083701351_n

The last two weeks have been a big deal. We bought a house, my in-laws came to visit, 13934810_797357213072_3396477207083056595_n13962603_797375037352_2889578823968142161_n and Mr. F and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!!   13879423_796614112252_3610660755778258583_n 13895406_796711222642_4474149117133207801_n  We will close on our new house, August 31st! I can’t wait to share more photos soon.

Between now and when we move at the end of the month, I’ll travel to St. Louis, San Diego, Pasadena, and Vancouver, B.C. for work!

Recent Seattle restaurant reviews

My next reviews are in the Seattle Frelard, Ballard and Eastlake neighborhoods, where I mostly frequent, and get to via bike easily. (I also wrote this post prior to Mr. F making dinner…so I was hungry…)

Tarsen I Jane

13198454_783543750362_6424228620012600562_o We went less than a month ago within a week of their opening night. They had awesome presentation, tasty bites (literally), and a cool atmosphere. We love their Spanish wine selection. The chefs are present in the open kitchen and friendly. However, I wish I had been brave enough to tell them that their food is way too expensive for the amount they serve, and that they need more than 5 bites in each dish, especially when it’s deemed an entree. Hopefully, the quantity to price point won’t put them under too quickly. They really pushed the tasting menu as the best deal, which we declined since we wanted little to no grain and the main entree was their paella. Overall, I’d go back if they increased their portions.

(This is right next to Frelard Pizza on NW Leary, which is loud and very child friendly. I prefer Ballard Pizza Company, which is the same restaurant group, but this space is more intimate and the pizza is better cooked. They also have a new location in South Lake Union.)

Marine Hardware

13340111_786261314342_8284043810648416068_o This is a perfect date night spot. Marine Hardware shares the building with the Walrus & Carpenter, Barnacle, and Staple & Fancy. This new Ethan Stowell concept was a small space but it worked. They had cool 90s hits playing and every course of the tasting menu was tailored to our preferences. We loved their steak tartare almost as much as the Walrus & Carpenter’s next door. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I’m still drooling over the classic preparation with celery puree. I can’t wait to go back soon and try more of their dishes! 13308618_786339362932_7153069358778640991_o

Sushi Kappo Temura

13391545_786718044052_3708864163352142685_o The healthy Japanese brunch options are our favorite for chill Saturday and Sunday mornings. Mr F loves their sashimi and I love the non-rice fish selections too. We enjoy going here for dinner or brunch, but sometimes forget to go, since it’s not within easy walking distance of our house. It’s also a large restaurant and centrally located.

My most loved restaurant still remains, La Isla. We’re there almost every week. Mr. F and I enjoy getting the camerones during happy hour and I also like getting the pina colada. 13147761_782742580912_1018508227466323576_o My absolute favorite meal is the pernil pastleon, which is basically a healthier lasagna with plantains and Ma’s Lil’ peppers. We usually ask for the en Fuego sauce to accompany the garlic sauce too! It’s a perfect compliment to the cheese and pork.   11225414_755721815742_595450579947374705_o If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, it would be the pernil pastelon!

Two more favorite restaurants in Lahaina

Beware, this post may make you hungry!

Shark Pit and Honu Seafood and Pizza are my favorite restaurants in Lahaina.

A week ago Saturday, the snorkeling visibility was low and the surf was high, so after a morning of body surfing, we had an awesome lunch at Shark Pit. The love of this restaurant started when we were last on Maui, two years ago, and happened to sit next to a guy at the counter of Star Noodle. Over pork belly and eggs, he told us he had a food truck called the Shark Pit and that it was parked in Ka’anapali. We enjoyed it so much, that we ate there three more times, on our last trip. They now have a restaurant, off of Front Street, next to the Jamba Juice and still have all their amazing classic dishes.

12491803_764930955552_8120590070102945847_o To start off, one of my favorite dishes is the corn on the cob with dried seaweed, sesame seeds and sriracha. 10400538_764932547362_7771561891353458979_n The purple taro buns add a special Hawaiian flair to an excellently executed bacon, blue cheese burger, with rice topped with Portuguese sausage and dried seaweed. 1919138_764932946562_8536418218920647752_n The funked up fish tacos are a great balance of sweet and savory and so delicious. We always split the tacos and get a burger each, so we don’t have to share anything!

We spent that afternoon reading by the beach before going to Honu Seafood and Pizza. It was close to sunset and we enjoyed image  ahi poke with avocado whip, image ahi sausage pizza, while watching the sun dip below Lana’i. image1237591_764970705892_4088057351078942804_n To top off an amazing meal, we decided to try the waitress’ favorite dessert, image peanut butter mousse and the turtle cheesecake. image It was all so amazing that we ate everything and waddled back to Lahaina Shores. Bonus: Honu Seafood and Pizza is a mile and a half from Lahaina Shores and it’s a lovely walk all along Front Street.


Our favorite snorkel spots on Maui!

1917408_764823211472_243581526805971777_n Our ultimate favorite snorkel spot on Maui is the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. It’s basically the end of the road after the gorgeous Wailea and Makena resorts.  644615_764822956982_4876008482502033955_n I was introduced to it by my biology and zoology teachers in high school on a school trip. My favorite launch point has a shallow entry that drops quickly to a sandy bottom and lots of coral. There’s now a parking lot a few minutes away between this spot and Dumps. 1526144_764820192522_8761385384739977754_n The first day we went snorkeling at Ahihi, we saw another honu and got more close ups. 1919026_764823041812_68554064804544243_n 12241241_764823071752_2370804821082451152_n (1)

For lunch, image we love going to Monkeypod in Wailea. 1557447_764869329052_2330843914151341_n We even went twice this trip. 8150_764869354002_4118961113282639745_n The Ahi taco appetizer is one of our favorite dishes. Apparently all the fish is caught the same day as they serve it! image The grass fed Maui beef is pretty tasty too!

In the afternoon of New Year’s Day, we also went to our other favorite snorkel spot, Dumps, and discovered Secret Beach about half a mile from Ahihi. 1147_764869972762_6056896200371495646_n10262013_764870371962_8676707995925868673_n

Secret Beach was mostly locals and very chill. 1003240_764870307092_4576518023680703189_n We enjoyed swimming and reading on the beach until dinner time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (We even saw a cute puppy frolicking in the waves!)

For dinner, we went to Migrant 1468506_764870731242_8916739448073059693_n (the sister restaurant of Star Noodle) 1474400_764870756192_4284804510083073795_n 10505523_764870761182_4657720729282235146_n and had the best meal of our entire trip. 580335_764870801102_8774663777356825558_n 735216_764870841022_6114500262386176924_n (1) We loved the extra hot garlic noodles, french onion noodles, and Ahi Avo. 10348605_764870796112_3367016298840102825_n The short ribs were great too.10881_764870836032_4119824822090114265_n The sunsets from the Migrant are pretty spectacular too! image Next time we visit Maui, I’d like to get a condo in Wailea or Makena for a few days, just so we’re closer to our favorite snorkeling, Monkeypod and the Migrant.