Spring has sprung in Seattle but not in the Midwest yet

Last week, I left Seattle while it was in the 60s and sunny. image imageFargo and Minneapolis were fortunately sunny but between 10-38 degrees. The snow was melting and nothing was blooming yet.image image Meanwhile, Seattle has flowering trees and blossoms everywhere! It was so nice to come back to Spring in Seattle!image image image imageSeattle has been so sunny and pretty this week! Over the weekend, it was so nice that we went up to Mohit’s rooftop downtown!  Lake Union and the Space Needle were stunning, of course. In the next month, work will take me to Tacoma, St Louis, Seattle, Missoula, back to Fargo and then Idaho Falls. This month will be busy but I’m excited to stay with my inlaws in STL and my college buddy in Missoula! When I return to Fargo in 3 weeks maybe the plants will be starting to bloom!

March in Seattle

imageLife since Maui has still been pretty relaxing. I haven’t had to travel far in the last three weeks and I’ve been able to drive or take a ferry ride to all my work sites!image imageimageEverything is starting to bloom in Seattle.image We’re working on handstands again in yoga. I love it.

My mom brought me a fairy garden for the backyard too. image

IMG_20140315_202614Last weekend, one of our favorite cousins came to visit us too and we had an awesome time catching up.

I also got to meet my sisterimage for lunch while I was working downtown this week. image It’s been great to be in Seattle for the month and spending time with Mr. F. We went to Dot’s twice in the last week. It’s my favorite restaurant in Seattle!

I’m off to Fargo tomorrow, then Missoula next week, and St. Louis the first full week in April!

Our favorite food places in Maui

image Our most favorite restaurant in Maui is Star Noodle. We went there 3 times in 7 days so we could try almost everything on the menu. We went there on our first full day in Maui and had the pohole salad with fiddleheads, which was one of our favorites. image The pork buns were my favorite. imageWe both really enjoyed the Ahi Avo and the Singapore noodles too! image We went back the second day for lunch and  imagemade sure to have room for the tempura shrimp imageand malasadas with chocolate and butterscotch sauce! image

Our first night we went to Lahaina Grill and it was great with amazing service however, it was pretty pricy with classic Hawaiian food.  We really enjoyed Honu Seafood and Pizza, IMG_1508the second night and got the best table in the house! IMG_1505 ”Honu” means turtle in Hawaiian! IMG_1523 We loved the roasted beet and ricotta salad. I ate the lobster macaroni and cheese too fast before remembering to get a picture! It was awesome. IMG_1518They had an amazing wine menu and we also had a lovely turtle pie for dessert. image

Merriman’s has a “Farm to Table” locally grown and caught menu. We had heard a lot of hype and it was fantastic, although we learned that we need to beware of meus without prices. IMG_1517_2Fortunately, the cocktails were spectacular. imageIMG_1518_2 I loved the ahi and the lilikoi tart! Apparently, a lillikoi is a Hawaiian fruit similar to a passionfruit but looks like a kumquat. IMG_1519_2 The waiter wrote, “Happy Birthday” in Hawaiian on the plate for us too!

Mala Ocean Tavern is Mr. F’s favorite restaurant. It’s also the sister restaurant to Honu. image We had a super fresh and delicious salad, called My Big Fat Greek, Kula Baby Greens, image IMG_1578 Mahi mahi ala plancha, IMG_1579  Ahi sashmi, and of course, the Carmel MirandaimageIMG_1581 The amazing sunset was pretty perfect too!

We spent a whole day in Wailea and went to Monkeypod, Merriman’s second restaurant and we really enjoyed Migrant, Star Noodle’s sister restaurant. I love fancy Filipino food and it makes me think of my grandmother! IMG_1697 They brought us chicharróns and chili water when we sat down. IMG_1702They were amazing! They also happen to be my mom’s favorite.  IMG_1705 We liked the Ahi avo better at Star Noodle but it was still pretty awesome at Migrant. The pea shoots with a soft poached egg and lumpia crisp were phenomenal and I would love to eat this more!IMG_1706 The Korean fried chicken was also pretty tasty, IMG_1707but I wish it had been more than wing size and that there was more peanut sauce.   IMG_1709  The Migrant’s pancit was delicious and so different than my grandmother’s pancit, even the parrots were eyeing our food! IMG_1713 For dessert, we got pineapple upside down cake IMG_1715 which was absolutely perfect as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  IMG_1726

Our last dinner in Maui was at Star Noodle!   IMG_1709_2 We got the pohole salad for the second time and it did not disappoint. We also got the special sous vide ribs, IMG_1710_2 with fried soup, IMG_1713_2 and the infamous pad thai.  IMG_1716_2 We also saved room for dessert and had the phenomenal mango pudding! IMG_1718_2

Before we went to the airport, we went to our favorite Maui food truck a second time! I wish we could get funked up fish tacos like the Shark Pit’s in Seattle! IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1783 IMG_1784I also got the Kalbi ground beef tacos and the pork sausage which were delicious, but the fish tacos are the best!

The next time we go to Maui, we will make sure to go back to Star Noodle, Shark Pit, Mala Ocean Tavern and Honu, in that order! If time, we will also return to the Migrant!

A few fun wedding photos from last weekend

imageimageAs the matron of honor, I did not get a chance to take many photos from my best friend, Andy Mac’s wedding. imageimageHowever, thanks to Facebook, I have found tons of great photos from friends. image I’m so glad someone captured the awesome wooden prop as the wedding guest book and of the cupcake tower from Cupcake Royale. image image I’m so glad someone got this photo of the Father-Daughter dance too!image  Check out more of Tom Bass’ photos!

My Matron of Honor Speech for my Best Friend since middle school

Thank you, everyone, friends and family, for attending this lovely wedding. I know many people came from across the country to join us, so I’ll make this short and sweet.    1653813_662821558602_1642730031_n1926699_10100810444844090_285790415_n

My name is Emily and the bride and I grew up together. She taught me how to use the Internet and set up my very first email. I vividly remember getting off the ski bus, one night in middle school, and she wrote on my lift ticket, “Find me on AOL”. “I’m i 3 oat girl.”

I had to ask her several times to explain to me that i 3 oat girl spells, Boatgirl!

The bride goes by many names: Andrea, Ahn-drea, Stove-top, and Andy Mac to just name a few. For years, I was Em Tree to her Andy Mac, after a weekend with her parents on San Juan Island.

Andrea and I thought we were so stealthy saying we wanted to walk around town, without the parents, to look at the “trees”. Yes, the bride and I were boy-crazy teenagers. It’s a good thing our mothers had the foresight to be strict and involve us in many extracurricular activities like sailing, manual labor, and baby-sitting.

Andy Mac has been my confidant and best friend, however, I’m happy to share her with you, Mike (the groom). She is a determined, dedicated and independent, individual, who’s known she’s wanted to be a pilot since I first met her.

As I’ve gotten to know Mike more, I’m amazed how perfect he is for her. I’m so happy you two found each other.

Andrea has finally found her wise, old “tree”.

You two are going to be wonderful parents and I’m excited to be a part of your next chapter.

Here’s to the bride and groom! 1009948_10151876436001020_29322705_n


Happy late birthday to me!

imageThe first week of February, I was in Idaho Falls, flew through Salt Lake City to Irvine, CA  image where I felt like it was almost a vacation image with the tropical air and friends.image image It was such a treat to have dinner and Korean BBQ with my favorite coworkers! image image I celebrated my birthday last week in St. Louis, image with my inlaws, while I was there for work, image and flew home to celebrate it again in Seattle image with Mr. F at How to Cook a Wolf. image image image imageWe had an amazing dinner.

Last weekend, we had a bridal shower for my best friend since high school and had her bachelorette/bachelor party at Portalis, one of our favorite wine bars.

This last week, I was in Boise for work and had dinner with family friends that I haven’t seen in months. I will also post my pictures from my best friend since high school’s wedding soon! My february has gone by in a flash and I only have 4 more days of work until we go to Maui for a week. I’m really looking forward to vacation!!!